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In the recent years, children are inevitably living in a competitive school environment, it is very important for parents to find a before-and-after-school childcare centre for their children that shares perfect educational ideas. Every child is the apple of their parents’ eyes, we unconditionally love and sacrifice everything for children because we hope they grow up to be smart, polite, happy and heathy, and our motivations are always driven by children. We do hope that our efforts merit our expectations to children. NeufEC Consultancy sincerely and highly recommends you to join our brand new holistic education program – NeufEC Classroom.

NeufEC Classroom is designed for kids aged from 3 to 6 years old to enhance their learning and academic skills and provide childcare service, and it also provides before-and-after-school childcare service for primary school students (aged 7-12 years old). Furthermore, children’s academic excellence is not our only concern, we emphasize on healthy brain development and psychological well-being. We are not only concerned about their life and academic performance, we have a systematic educational approach to teach students in accordance with the aptitude, promote multidimensional growth of children and enhance their sociability which eventually cultivates children become versatile, talented and noble with decent values. The core value is to help children learn things happily and confidently in their growth process. The ideas of this program were built in an integration of scientific perspectives, parent-child professional practice, and school, family and social education. Our lesson plans are certified by KPSR. This program is one of the special feature of NeufEC, we use learning through playing methods and interactive ways of teaching to navigate their learning pathways.

NeufEC Classroom teachers are all professional well-trained and have been undergone our NeufEC Lifeskills and Neuropsychology training, parents shall be rest assured that our teachers are skillful in teaching methods and delivering his or her lecture can undoubtedly inspire the mind of students so that children can learn effectively and get a good head start of performing tasks. In the future, the disadvantages will turn into advantages and misfortunes into fortunes. Adverse environment tends to cultivate successful people. Our facilitator, Ms. Alice Lee Shing Chin is usually invited as a special speaker to share a wide range of topics about parent-child education, brainwave training, EQ management, sex and relationships education, NeufEC Camp etc.

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