NeufEC Lifeskills

Many experts view the child development from psychological and social perspectives who believe that cultivating a strong survivability and good personality for a child should take account into physical, mental and environment factors. Actually, the key to children’s success is fostering a good mental health since they were little. All the educational ideas and concepts are meaning to impart wisdom, positive outlook and great values for the purpose of fostering a perfect personality for a child. When children are facing unpleasant, frustrating, difficult experience or situation, we encourage children to think, solve, or improve because education is meant to help children enjoy the learning process whilst building independence, confidence, and fearless attitude. At the end of their paths, they will have more advantages to survive and thrive on living in the competitive society; acquire the ability to take care of oneself and others and be self-sufficient.

NeufEC consultancy created a holistic educational system focuses on fostering students’ coping skills and the abilities they need; helping children solve their own problems and improve their learning paces more effectively; imparting positive outlook and sense of responsibility. We use learning through play method and interaction to teach about life savvy, virtue, and wisdom. We hope that children can make wise decision, conform social norms, show normative behavior, and be an analytic, morally mature, responsible, gregarious, self-discipline adult in the future. Therefore, the goal of education can only be achieved by raising a good and successful person.

NeufEC Consultancy uses the concepts and social skills in child psychology perspective, we use layman-term and real life examples to teach and help children keep improving and recognizing themselves. For the greater chance of success on learning outcome, two methods are always better than one, our NeufEC Life Skills program includes life savvy lesson and neurofeedback training to make children perform much better and more confident on their tasks and academic performance by teaching rudimentary knowledge and exploring their potentials.

NeufEC LifeSkills program emphasizes on fostering and training to have a full brain structural and functional connectivity to expand memory capacity so as to boost learning ability and absorb all kinds of knowledge effectively. This program is consisted of 4 chapters: Knowing Self, EQ management, Interpersonal Relationship and Resiliency. This course is designed for 4 to 6 years old children, two lessons each week, each class lasts for 45 minutes to 1 hour. But, we have designed the course for adolescence and adult as well.

Lesson content:

• Knowing Self

• Strengths, weaknesses, interest, appreciating self and others

• Confidence

• Dream

• EQ Management

• EQ awareness, EQ control, EQ expression

• Tolerance

• Gratitude

• Social Interaction

• Communication skills

• Team work

• Self-protection

• Resiliency

• Bravely Facing Failure

• Strong willpower

• How to say No to bad influences