Neurofeedback is also known as brainwaves training, we use mindwave mobile headset and apply sensor to the forehead to monitor and measure brainwave activity. The signals recorded by the sensor are sent to a computer, where they are processed by brain analysis software. With the extracted information, we are able to identify client’s brainwave activity to personalize a training plan. Neurofeedback is a relatively new and advanced technique that focuses on the direct training of brain function and enables oneself to learn things quickly and effectively. It can help people regulate moods, improve attention level, cognitive ability, and learning ability. As one of the leading pioneer of brain function training technique, neurofeedback does not hurt and conduct no amount of electricity, and cause no danger and pain. Hence, it is actually a worldwide reputable and scientifically-proven technique.

In the end of the 19th century, the German biologist Hans Berger, after many years of his research, he made a startling discovery that brainwaves are the electrical impulses produced by your brain cells communicating with one another, that the brainwave frequencies can be shown in real-time graph of brain activity – most commonly known as EEG (electroencephalogram). A single human brain is capable of transmitting various signals, information, and messages just like a radio or television command centre modulates electromagnetic energy waves transmitted through time and space.

Brainwaves are produced by synchronized electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other. For human brain, neurofeedback takes into account behavioral, cognitive, and subjective aspects as well as brain activity so when human being contemplates something or falls into deep thought, a subtle electrical impulse would begin to emerge on human brain. Credited by Modern technological advancement and breakthrough, we can easily measure brainwave activity by simply using a device and then applying the sensor to the scalp. Nowadays, International Organization of Societies for Electrophysiological Technology (OSET) defined many fluctuations and frequencies of brain activity as these following symbols αβδθ.

Brainwave expert has pinpointed the best brainwave status for working and studying to be able to reach optimal performance is between α and β. (If when α maintains the frequency between 8~12 each second, the brain is in a relaxed and conscious state; if when β maintains the frequency between 12~25 each second, the brain is in a conscious, focused and alerted state). When your attention level and meditation level are equally balance and stable is the optimal state to learn a new knowledge, know more about something, and gather in-depth information.

Brain is trainable is hinge on creating the new strength of brain’s neural pathways. Human being is capable of linking all sorts of things and events altogether, when this phenomenon occurs, neurons will be connected with one another. Brain activity is rather changeable, some frequencies are wished to promote whereas others are wished to diminish. Our neurofeedback training is conducive to help you draw your brain into a favorable, efficient state whereby time and numerous practices are incumbent to consolidate the strength of brain’s neural pathways for developing a consistent and healthy brain.

Neurofeedback uses brainwave analysis software and devices to measure the trainee’s current state of brainwave (α,β,θ), brain function status, and immunity system. Generally, neural signals are collected and calculated in real time during cognitive training [such as Electroencephalogram (EEG), Functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI)], and key brainwave frequencies are turned into a combination of images and sound feedback, which the person watches and hears. As the name implies, neurofeedback works by providing feedback to a person about their brain, thus when a person is engaging in neurofeedback, he or she is training in self-regulation and learning how to regulate their brainwave pattern by themselves, even boost it to the optimal status to achieve a comfortable, desired state of the brain.

With the right education and training approach, it’s not impossible for neural networks to be developed and molded. Neurofeedback requires the clients to effectively play video game with his or her brain. Eventually, the brain network is shaped towards more desirable and optimal learning, working or academic performance. But, neuron densities vary across individually, electroencephalogram will show the different frequency and fluctuation of the brain are transmitted based on the pattern of brain connectivity whereby it allows the mind to enter a different state with a different pattern of brainwave. Therefore, the normal release of brainwave is closely related to mood, health and ability.

Scientific research proves that neurofeedback training can help brain expand memory capacity, improve concentration, attention, IQ and flexibility. So now neurofeedback is now recognized as one of the leading pioneer of brain function training technique, it has been proven to help exercise our mental state, and enhance our ability to control our concentration and behavior during learning, playing games, and neurofeedback training.

For the neurofeedback training to work, neurofeedback trainee is needed to be undergone an electroencephalogram or a series of tests that should be examined by qualified psychologist or professional neurofeedback trainer. With the extracted information and data from computer, we can analyze, evaluate and decide before personalizing your specific training plan. Our neurofeedback training usually begins with rudiments and then gradually ascends to advanced level, the entire training process normally takes 3 to 6 months or longer period to complete, depending on the consistency and stability of individual brainwave.

Neurofeedback uses a mindwave mobile headset to examine brainwave activity, the brainwave signals recorded by the sensor are sent to a computer, where they are processed by brain analysis software. We provide neurofeedback training based on the brain state of the trainee. In the recent years, Neurofeedback is a top-notch technology technique that helps amplify brain function, improve effective learning, regulate mood, increase concentration, cognitive and learning ability at the same time.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Positive thinking
  • Language skills
  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Stress relief
  • Relaxation
  • Developing both sides of the brain
  • Improving learning skills
  • Enhancing learning effectiveness