Our Story

Seed Training and Counselling Centre was founded by Alice Lee Shing Chin and her partners in 2010. Ever since its inception, Seed Training and Counselling Centre has been providing prominent professional and high-quality service for all individuals, families, groups, and organizations, motivate them to excel and strive for the best.

Our centre is now considerably reputable given and acknowledged by our proven results and outcomes as well as the feedbacks from our clients; furthermore, we provide services for all individuals to awaken and explore their potentials to the fullest and radiate positive energy around the other people.

Our main goal is to promote and maintain positive personal and family growth, workplace and community development through two major mental health services in which we would provide professional counselling and self-development course training. Besides, our counselors and teachers are experienced and qualified practitioner, we adhere to ethical standards and keep client’s information private and confidential, and we serve clients with professional and mature attitude.

Seed Training and Counselling Centre was in collaboration with NeufEC Consultancy in 2016. Both centres share the same intellectual property rights ever since. Nonetheless, we continue to provide our services for all individuals, families, groups, and organizations with new form and image of centre. We hope that people can face their challenge and take it easy to make your life much easier, interesting and better.

Neuro Feedback & NeufEC Lifeskills Class

NeufEC Consultancy is a training centre that provides the most advanced services and programs in the 21st century, which including “Neuro Feedback” and “NeufEC Lifeskills Class”. The programs utilize educational psychology and behavioral modification techniques to improve our concentration and memory effectively and quickly; cultivate positive learning attitude and soft skills; create many different pathways for your future.

NeufEC Consultancy advocates and emphasizes on:

  1. Fostering and training to have a full brain structural and functional connectivity to expand memory capacity so as to boost learning ability and absorb all kinds of knowledge effectively.
  2. “Sculpturing” noble personality, good behaviors, and habits; we encourage learning is often spontaneous and motivated. Acquiring an ability to work under pressure whilst being active and positive towards life.
  3. Holistic education system. Besides, student’s academic excellence, we also focus on the physical and mental development of children through providing numerous learning methods and teaching aids for students and exploring each individual’s talent as a whole.

Our main goal is to help children learn things happily and confidently in their growth process and motivate students’ interests in their studies so that parents can feel less worried about their children, and identify the children’s wonderful quality of character instead. Therefore, we also teach children how to train their brain power so as to embark on a bright, brilliant and meaningful journey, and envision their successful future.

NeufEC Consultancy services include counselling, therapy, Neurofeedback, NeufEC Lifeskills Class, NeufEC Tuition, psychological consultation, thematic event, online course and lesson. We also organize some workshop activities and NeufEC Camp (EQ Camp, Concentration Camp), and special services for specific individuals.

NeufEC Consultancy is also looking for individuals or groups who share the same educational ideas and concepts to work with us and discuss our mutually beneficial partnership opportunity. We are looking forwards to making progress together and sharing intellectual property rights, as we believe that group work would optimize our results that can create greater value and wealth.