Ms. Lee Shing Chin was graduated from University of Central Oklahoma in 2002, who has a master degree of education in guidance and counselling for children from kindergarten to high school. Since then, she devoted herself to a great deal of her times and efforts to study mental health in United States where she gained rich experience of counselling, mental health care and promotion. Since 2002, she has been an Oklahoma Licensed Professional Counselor, Oklahoma Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and licensed counsellor in both United States and Malaysia. With the great amount of times and efforts she dedicated, she now specializes in psychological/ mental health assessment, and counselling.

She is a professional LifeSkills trainer, and she is also active in troubled teens counselling service and event planning. She was employed by SAIC as the Adolescent Substance Abuse Counselling Service counsellor and has successfully implemented LifeSkills Training program at U.S middle school and high school delinquency prevention program with excellent outcome. She has many years of experience in therapy with individuals, couples, families, groups, and adolescent alcohol and drug abuse, and accumulated experience from schools, refuges and military bases.

In 2010, Master Alice Lee Shing Chin was returned back to Malaysia and established SEED Training and Counselling Centre with her partners. She put her years of experience in the field of psychology and clinical therapy into her lectures, trainings, workshops and seminars in which she became well known for it. Her cases all the while involved working with clients from different backgrounds, ages, cultures and beliefs, as well as individual needs.

She is usually invited as a special speaker to give professional public speeches and trainings in the public, workshop or activity. The lecture topics include, parenting skills, self-development, suicide prevention, sex and relationship education, EQ management, employee psychological well-being and awareness of mental health care. Moreover, she is interviewed by local media from many different regions towards answering several topics regarding to modern individual or social issues by providing her professional knowledge. Then, it did not take long for her to make progress, she and her partners introduced a professional LifeSkills lessons from United States for children and teenagers, and they revised, incorporated it into a series of training in Malaysia, therefore, we have our NeufEC LifeSkills Class and NeufEC Camp now.

In fact, NeufEC Consultancy was founded by Alice Lee Shing Chin and her partners in Malaysia, Seed Training and Counselling Centre was officialy in collaboration with it in 2016. The purpose of collaboration is that we can incorporate a training plan with each strength and advantage of NeufEC LifeSkills and Neurofeedback training into one, it is a brand new learning experience for all. The ideas and efforts were not in vain, one of the prestigious local Chinese language leading newspaper, formerly known as “Sin Chew Daily”, has expressed their concerns in our educational ideas and training plans, plus several topics (Parent-Child Education, Mindfulness, Sex and Relationships Education, Special Needs Education, family, marriage etc. ) are shared and published on that newspaper.