What should I do if my 16-year-old daughter falls in love?

What should I do if my 16-year-old daughter falls in love?

 What should I do if my 16-year-old daughter falls in love?

Teacher Alice,
My daughter is still studying at the age of 16 and fell in love half a year ago. I know that they are in contact and I know guys. I have no objection. But I found that they recently came back to my house after school. No one at home. I have informed them that nobody in the family can never get along alone. but. . They lied. what should I do?

from: 宣妈

Thank you for your question. As parents, we must first let the children know that everyone will become sensitive to the opposite sex when they reach puberty. At the same time, they will have a sense of love and curiosity, eager to understand the opposite sex and get the attention of the other party. Try to communicate with the child, let the child correctly understand the correct attitude of adolescence to love. Sharing “love” with children is a normal psychological phenomenon that adolescents naturally develop with the development of sexual consciousness, but these are not comprehensive for mature love. Mature love also includes being responsible for yourself and each other, as well as being responsible for your future life.


  1. Responsibility and correct attitude towards academic study
    Be responsible for life, starting with academic and learning attitude. Mature love is willing to take responsibility, positively and seriously educate the concept of marriage and love, and exclude the interference of incorrect ideology. So mature love can stand the test of time, and it must also withstand the temptations of sex, know how to respect the opposite sex and self-respect. Pay attention to one’s own appearance and civility and politeness, know how not to involve energy, and will not affect the academic and overall development.
  2. Cultivate the right interests and hobbies
    Pay attention to your words and deeds, and don’t move your hands. You need to care more about the class’s affairs, cultivate the right interests and hobbies, contribute to the group, and grow up healthy in a healthy growth environment.
  3. Strengthen ties and cooperation with schools
    Let the school and parents help the child to make healthy friends, and pay attention to helping the child through adolescence.
  4. Can teach children how to interact with the opposite sex through psychological counseling
    During the tutoring process, the tutor will let the child understand the childbearing process, the responsibilities of childbearing and child-rearing, will remind the child that it must be an adult, and will discuss with the child the way of healthy sex. At the same time, I will also discuss the relationship between my daughter and my father with my family. Children with a healthy father-daughter relationship will be more balanced and happy in the relationship between the sexes.

In general, I suggest that you guide your children through books and online materials. Do not force them to crack down and listen to your children ’s ideas. Accompany the child to learn to cross the path of feelings and how to deal with it rationally. The most important parent-child relationship is harmonious.



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